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Picture Frame

Photo Frame let you use your old or unused phone or tablet as a digital picture frame or digital clock. Easy to use with no in-app purchase or ads!  Find our app at Google Play Store and put your old phone or tablet to good use!

Go Simon Go

Go Simon Go brings back memories of a classic game but with a twist. Instead of testing your memory, Go Simon Go tests and improves your hand-eye coordination through increasingly difficult levels. Download the game from Google Play Store and enjoy it with or without the fast pace music and/or subtle sound effects.

Tic Tac Toe

Check out our latest game as featured on GamesKeys Top Android Games To Tryout in August 2021 and download it from Goolge Play Store. It's the classic tic tac toe game you grew up with where you can play against your friend or challenge our latest AI engine. Have fun with our ad-free game and see if can beat our AI!!!

678AppNinjas Video Player

Download our latest app to play our video on Android Studio installation. This app allows you to play our video without the need to go to YouTube to search for it.